Tool Case Classic KingSize Power CP-7 Code - 589.100.171

Parat Tool Case Classic KingSize Power CP-7

Classic KingSize Power CP-7 is ideally made for the electronic industry because of its three tool boards with one large CP-7 holder (Ø 26), these are perfectly suited to carry insulated tools.


Due to CP-7 holder system, you can store small as well as large tools easily.

It enables you to quickly store of all devices, also allows easy pulling out of the holders again

The system provides not only secure hold but also a quick overview, ensuring to keep your tools securely in place.

Accommodates up to 60 tools, also a huge storage of 58 mm deep bottom tray with its protective cover provides additional storage space for small parts.

X-ABS case body and an overall double aluminum frame, the tool case is suitable for air travel, making the case extremely sturdy and perfectly protected from external influences. The carrying handle and integrated dimples and soft touch surface, it ensures perfectly comfortable transport.


Other Details:

  • 1 bottom tray with cover plate, height 58 mm, freely partitionable

  • 1 tool board, 2-sided, with CP-7 tool holder up to Ø 15 mm and Ø 26 mm

  • 1 cover plate with 1 CP-7 tool holder up to Ø 26 mm

  • It is suitable for air travel

Product Details

Product Code: 589.100.171

Outside Dimensions (W x H x D): 49.00 x 41.00 x 23.00 cm

Weight: 5.60 kg

Material: Aluminium, X-ABS plastic


Product Box Contains:

2 keys

1 longitudinal divider

3 cross dividers allow free partitioning of the bottom tray

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