Parat Tool Bag Paracurv Multifunctional | Code - 30.260.399

Parat Tool Bag Paracurv Multifunctional

The Paracurv is a shoulder bag that is made of Parat’s nearly unbreakable material called Curv. This bag is easy to carry as it is compact but still offers enough space to easily store your tools.


This bag is one of a kind, as it offers a combination of a tool bag along with Parat’s own patented lamp holder – Parasnap.

Its base is integrated at the side of the bag and is compatible with all Parasnap mounts – this way, any Parat safety lamp can be attached to provide perfect illumination of your operating areas.

The outer material of the shoulder bag is not only unaffected by the daily wear and tear of the workstyle but also pleasing to the eye.

This shoulder bag offers an inner volume of approximately 10 litres and an empty weight of just 1 kg, which makes it very comfortable to carry even if fully loaded.

This bag offers about 17 pockets inside the bag.

In order to use the bag single-handedly, there is a magnetic lock i.e. Paralock by Parat attached, which locks the bag into place automatically.

Due to the adjustable shoulder strap, the tool bag sits comfortably on the shoulder and can be carried more easily.


Other Details:

  • Comes with a compartment in the lid

  • Has aluminum-reinforced body for carefree use of the bag

  • Has an adjustable shoulder strap for comfort while traveling

  • It has 17 pockets at the front, rear and center panel

  • Comes with magnetic lock Paralock, for one-hand operation

  • Is integrated with Parasnap base

  • Is compatible with all Parasnap lamp holders for Parat safety lamps

  • Comes with carrying strap, that is retrofittable

Product Details

Product Code: 30.260.399

Outside Dimensions (W x H x D): 26.00 x 32.50 x 16.50 cm

Weight: 1.00 kg

Material: Con-Pearl, CURV

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