Parat Tool Bag Basic Wallet Plus | Code - 5.650.040.061

Parat Tool Bag Basic Wallet Plus

Tool Bag Basic Wallet Plus is a tool wallet that is compact and spacious at the same time. This tool wallet offers enormous space on both sides of the wallet, giving you sufficient space for all your tools. Along with this it also comes with a removable partition, with an additional securing option for your tools to remain in one place. The curved zipper on all 3 sides enables easy and complete opening of the wallet hence giving direct access to your tools whenever needed.


The wallet provides a total of 26 sewn-in pockets and 21 rubber loops for safe and tidy transport of various tools.

This case comes with an inner volume of just 9 litres and an empty weight of about 1.20 kg

The compact design of the tool wallet ensures easy transportation and the upper side of the wallet is made of artificial leather which makes this tool wallet tough enough for easy applications in all areas.

With the help of this tool wallet, you can transport your most important tools in an easy and compact way.


Other Details:

  • Zipper on all 3 sides, for a complete opening of the tool wallet

  • Wallet can be easily folded out

  • It comes with 26 pockets

  • Has 21 rubber loops to hold your tools

Product Details

Product Code: 5.650.040.061

Outside Dimensions (W x H x D): 30.00 x 40.50 x 500 cm

Weight: 1.20 kg

Material: Industrial leather

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