Parat Parapro KingSize Roll CP-7 | Code - 6.582.501.391

Parat Parapro KingSize Roll CP-7

Parat’s Parapro is a special-purpose case with high resistance against water and dust, certified with IP67. The Parapro KingSize Roll CP-7 is tough, highly durable and loads up to approximately 62 kg. Also, meets the required military standards.


This case is easily stackable and is fitted with wheels at the bottom for smooth traveling.

Its CP-7 tool holder can hold up to 64 tools.

The bottom tray has extra space in it, which is also partitionable, you can easily divide your small and big tools so it’s accessible when you need it.

You also get a compartment for documents inside the lid.


Other Details:

  • It comes with 3 carrying handles

  • 1 cover panel with 1 CP-7 tool holder Ø 26 mm

  • The case also provides a spacious bottom compartment with a height of 200 mm

  • 1 tool board with 1 CP-7 tool holder Ø 11 mm

  • 1 document compartment in the lid

  • 1 lockable lid support, to hold your things together

  • 1 CP-7 tool holder Ø 11 mm

  • 4 loop holders, for a firm grip

  • 1 CP-7 tool holder Ø 15 mm

  • Comes with 2 wheels

  • It is suitable for air travel

  • IP67 certifies it as watertight

Product Details

Product Code: 6.582.501.391

Outside Dimensions (W x H x D): 65.00 x 51.00 x 37.00 cm

Weight: 12.90 kg

Material: Polypropylene

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