MDP Cutters are the Future of FMCG & Pharmaceutical Industry

Metal Detectable Plastic Cutters are the Future of FMCG & Pharmaceutical Industry

What is an MDP Cutter & Why is it a Safe Cutting Solution in the FMCG & Pharmaceutical Industries?

FMCG & Pharmaceutical industry product MDP Cutters

Metal Detectable Plastic also known as MDP is being rigorously used in the food & pharmaceutical sectors adhering to safety standards in the industry. It is very important to make sure the products that are being manufactured in factories, provide the best quality and utility to the end consumer. In order to maintain that quality, they also need to make sure that they use fine materials, tools & equipment.

Unintentional Mistakes can Impact Goodwill

It is understandable that we are humans and unintentional mistakes are possible, but some of them may lead to an impact on the health of your customers, leading to severe injuries. Moreover, there could be everlasting damage to the brand image, especially in industries like Pharmaceutical, Paint, FMCG and many more. Any plastic or a piece of metal entering into the production process & getting into the final product that is ready to dispatch can be a serious problem in more ways than one.

Decline in Company Growth
Decline in Company Growth

German Safe Cutting Technology

For this reason, Martor developed a smart safety cutting solution made of Metal Detectable Plastic (MDP). The safety cutters are made in such a way that the metal detector x-rays in their machines can easily detect any unwanted particles. These particles could have entered in the production process due to manual handling or any cutting processes. These cutters are designed and developed understanding the need of the industries, while maintaining the highest possible safety standards.


Martor is a leading manufacturer of safety cutters, knives, scissors & blades. All safety cutting solutions are made in Solingen, Germany.

Owing to Martor’s MDP technology, even if a small part of a cutter enters into the production process, your existing metal detectors or x-ray machines can detect them & stop the process instantly. Thus, minimizing the number of defectively manufactured products, leaving your unit.

X-ray Scanning Machine

Sharp cutters or knives are used in every manufacturing process for two purposes:

During the making of the product


Packaging purpose, once the product is in a ready state

safety cutter

From opening raw material packets, plastic films, slicing ingredients or any kind of material that is required in the manufacturing process to the packaging of the material, cutting bubble wrap, tapes, packaging boxes or cutting stickers, every individual process needs a cutting solution. In some instance, we require machinery & in some manual cutting is required to perform the task.

“Have you got something to cut?” We got a safety cutter for your application, that cuts everything but not your hands and further eliminates the risk of particles to enter into the products.

Some of our products in the MDP range are:

Contact us today, we have got a highly trained support team who can not only help you to select the right safety cutter but also train your workforce.

“Nothing is more important than Safety”
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