Guardair Air Gun by Saurya Enhancing Worker’s Safety – A Real Case Study

Guardair Air Gun by Saurya Enhancing Worker’s Safety – A Real Case Study

Guardair Air Gun

A tragedy struck in an MNC engineering industry in western India. A diligent and dedicated worker fell victim to the prohibited cleaning practice of using compressed air. He lost his life. A metal particle released from the compressed air pipe line pierced his body as a bullet, which resulted in his untimely death. The company and the worker both turned a blind eye to the guidelines of OSHA COMPLIANCE Act no.1910.242(b) which took worker’s life. OSHA guidelines mandate safety protocols for the use of compressed air.



The Critical Need for Safe Compressed Air Cleaning Practices

Over time, the internal surfaces of compressed air pipe line can be affected by erosion or corrosion. There are different factors contributing to the same such as moisture, abrasives, or chemicals. This can cause small metal particles to dislodge from the inner walls. Once detached, they are entrained within the flow of the air. As compressed air travels through the system, these metal particles can be transported to different parts, including downstream equipment. In severe cases, these particles may cause health hazards when they are inhaled by workers or they come into contact with sensitive components. The company had a stark choice: to remain stuck with unsafe cleaning practices or usher in a new era of safety, value, and accountability. Safety Air Gun by Saurya is an OSHA-compliant alternative to protect worker’s health and safety. Factory air lines normally operate at pressures between 80 and 120 psi (pounds per square inch). Most pneumatic tools, including air guns, require such high pressures to operate effectively. However, OSHA requires that should the nozzle tip of an air gun become dead-ended (blocked), the static pressure at the point of blockage be no more than 30 psi (1.5kg/cm2)


Guardair Air Gun by Saurya Enhancing Worker’s Safety – A Real Case Study 1


Guardair Safety Guns: Versatile and Compliant Solutions for Industrial Applications

The Guardair Safety Guns by Saurya Safety offer operator comfort and excellent performance. It is equipped with ergonomic designs and innovative features, which allow the operators to carry out their tasks comfortably and efficiently. Moreover, versatility is another name of Guardair Safety Guns. They have high thrust capabilities and chip fly-back protection. It saves energy costs exceptionally.        Of course, static pressure to less than 30 psi should the tip become blocked. They can handle diverse cleaning tasks effectively. Whether workers need to remove dust, debris, or contaminants, these air guns are engineered to provide reliable performance across diverse applications. Apart from this, the low noise levels of air guns contribute to a peaceful work environment, which again enhances operator safety. It reduces noise-related fatigue and thus contributes to well-being in the workplace. The safety guns are designed for special applications and heavy-duty industrial and construction use. They can withstand demanding conditions. Saurya’s safety air gun is a trusted tool for manufacturing facilities. Furthermore, organizations that strive to meet OSHA standards can benefit from these guns. We also offer OSHA compliance kits to help organizations ensure that their cleaning practices follow regulatory requirements.


Guardair Air Gun


Saurya, a paramount in engineering control safety solutions, stepped in to address this pressing issue with innovation and expertise. Our team recognized the risks associated with high-pressure compressed air and metal particles and came forth with a solution – the Guardair Air Gun by Saurya Safety, with a dead-end pressure below 30 PSI that ensures the safety of the operator during equipment cleaning. Its innovative design prevents particles from escaping and thus mitigates the risks of fatal accidents that cost lives. The Saurya Air Gun Nozzle is engineered to address specific concerns related to equipment cleaning. It enhances the operator’s safety and comfort during the cleaning process. With innovative safety features and compliance, Saurya ensures workplace safety. At Saurya, we believe that the safety of the people in every organization is the highest concern. We work towards it with the right products and mindset.

Saurya offers industrial safety solutions to foster safer, healthier and greener workplace environment. We are dedicated to providing value-driven, technologically advanced solutions to improve productivity and efficiency across diverse industrial and service sectors. For more information on Safety Nozzle Air Blow Gun or holistic safety solutions, connect with the team Saurya.

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