A Case Study with Saurya’s SECUMAX Safety Scissors in Manufacturing Unit

From Risk to Safety: How SECUMAX Safety Scissors Improve Manufacturing Workplace Safety

From Risk to Safety: How SECUMAX Safety Scissors Improve Manufacturing Workplace Safety 1



In every manufacturing and construction company, safety is vital. Despite stringent safety protocols, accidents occur. They bring severe consequences. This case study examines an incident that occurred in a top-notch manufacturing unit and the role of Saurya HSE’s SECUMAX safety scissors, which helped improved workplace safety and efficiency significantly.


The Incident: Safety Wake-up Call

A worker at the company had been using industrial scissors to cut threads, which happens to be a common task in diverse manufacturing environments. The scissors being used were standard ones with sharp edges. During the routine use, a worker’s finger was cut accidently. He underwent immediate medical treatment. Severely injured, he got five stitches on his finger. This incident highlighted the actual risk associated with using a traditional sharp-edged tool. It is hard to imagine a simple pair of scissors caused such serious harm, requiring five stitches.


The Twofold Challenge

The challenge was dual: firstly, it was important to prevent similar accidents in the future; secondly, to ensure that new tools to be introduced do not compromise on effectiveness, safety and quality. The manufacturing company was looking for a solution that offers the same, if not better, functionality but with enhanced safety features to provide optimal protection to all workers.


The Solution: Saurya HSE’s SECUMAX Safety Scissors


Saurya, a leader in industrial protection solutions, stepped in to help. Saurya offered industrial Safety Scissors SECUMAX. The product is designed to reduce the risks related to traditional cutting tools. The SECUMAX 564, in particular, stood out because of its advanced safety features and innovative design.

The SECUMAX 564 safety scissors are equipped with thumb opening and extra-long edge. The product provides a controlled cutting experience that is exceptionally precise. Unlike traditional scissors, the SECUMAX 564 has no sharp edges. Instead, the product features a special sharpening design that applies shearing force to cut materials. The cutting edges are not ground at angle but at right angle. Therefore, you cannot cut yourself, only the large range of potential materials. The design itself minimizes the risk of cutting or severely damaging the skin if a worker’s finger comes into contact with the scissors accidently, promoting a safe working environment where every life is valued. This also helps mitigate potential liabilities as well as costs related to workplace injuries, contributing to long-term success of a company.


Secumax Scissor



The manufacturing company then decided to replace all industrial scissors with SECUMAX 564 safety scissor. The decision was taken after evaluating several key features of the SECUMAX 564:

  • Blunted and Rounded Tip to Prevent Stab Injuries
  • Special Sharpening Design to Prevent Accidental Cuts to Skin
  • Ergonomic Design to Enhance Comfort During Prolonged Use
  • Versatile Cutting through Foil, Fabric, Cardboard, Paper, and More


Secumax 564 Scissor


Results – Precision, Protection, Every Cut

The introduction of the SECUMAX 564 safety scissors resulted in the immediate improvements in workplace safety. Workers rapidly adapted to the new, high-quality and innovative Saurya product, especially for its safety features and cutting efficiency. They shared their experiences; the common feedback was that its ergonomic design reduced hand fatigue and enhanced safety. The sharpening design enabled them to cut materials cleanly. Cut-related injuries were reduced to a significant extent after the implementation of the SECUMAX 564 safety scissors. Besides, the versatility of Saurya product eliminated the need to use multiple cutting tools. Saurya not only helped the company enhance its safety standards but also simplified the tool inventory thereby facilitating well-managed costs.


Wider Impact: Beyond Incidents

Safer alternatives were embraced without sacrificing efficiency. The impact created by a commitment to safety and innovation on workplace conditions is profound. The results witnessed by the manufacturing company were safer environment, reduced injury rates and well-maintained productivity. Companies in various sectors such as construction, packaging, textile and others can all benefit from adopting industrial safety scissors like Saurya’s SECUMAX 564.



The SECUMAX 564 scissors and range of safety cutters help to protect workers from harm and thus ensure the companies can focus on their core business operations without compromising well-being of their team. For more information on Saurya HSE’s SECUMAX safety scissors, visit sauryahse.com.

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