What is a Ceramic Blade - Benefits and Safety Features

What is a Ceramic Blade – Benefits and Safety Features

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What is a ceramic blade?

Stainless steel blades have been the time tested solution for every need, and frankly, it is amazing. But, immense research and the latest technology have given us an alternative to taking the cutting experience up a notch – Ceramic Blades.

Ceramic blades are made from zirconium dioxide and have a hard edge, which helps it in staying sharp for a very long time. In a nutshell, these can be described as an alternative that is safer, stronger, and an absolute delight to use. In a very short span since it has been launched, the ceramic blade has already made a place for itself in industrial usage.

Replacement of stainless steels have arrived martor ceramic blades by saurya safety

If you are facing issues with your current metal blades and are looking to switch to a fuss-free, more durable option for your good old steel blade, you need to try ceramic blade. We have introduced a whole new range of blades that fits perfectly in your favorite cutter handles.

What makes ceramic blades a popular choice?

Ceramic blades have certain properties that have made it a popular choice across industries. These properties are:

  • It is non-magnetic, non-conductive, and non-sparking, which makes it perfect for industrial use.
  • It is chemically inert and non-contaminating, which makes it easy to maintain.
  • It is non-reactive, does not rust, and oil and lubricant-free, which makes it ideal for cutting in special conditions.
  • It is very hard, non-porous, and chemically resistant, which makes it safer than metal blades
  • Its sharpness does not dull quickly, so it is not excessively sharpened, which makes it safer.

What is a ceramic blade made of?

ZrO2 Chemical Bond

The ceramic used in blades is a very strong material – zirconium oxide. It is not the fragile ceramic we usually imagine but a more advanced, finer, engineered version of ceramic that works wonderfully for all kinds of blades. Zirconium oxide is harder than steel, which surprisingly makes it safer. Steel being softer dulls down quickly; hence it is extremely sharp when bought. Ceramic blades, on the other hand, are less sharp but more effective.

Just like metal blades, ceramic can effectively cut different materials, but unlike metal blades, it is designed to resist cutting skin surface, avoiding any cuts or laceration injuries and ensuring the safety of your employees.

Why should we use ceramic blades?

Ceramic blades can be beneficial for various industries for cutting cardboard, rubber, plastic straps, tape, bagged goods, foil, yarn & many more. They are available in 2-cutting edge blade, 4-cutting edge blade, rounded-tip trapezoid blade. Ceramic blades are chemically inert, which helps you avoid chemical reactions and harmful bacteria of all kinds. It also means it is friendlier for the pocket.

Graph for life of ceramic blades

Although ceramic blades are a little expensive than the regular steel blades, they last 12 times longer than them, which makes the lifetime cost of ceramic blades much less than that of a steel blade. It is easier to maintain as it does not rust and will save you all the lubricants and oils you use to prevent rusting.

Compatible Safety Cutters with Ceramic Blades

These blades are also compatible with below listed models & more.

Compatible safety cutters with ceramic blades

The ceramic blade is a futuristic solution that is designed to meet quality and safety needs of the industry. Martor is known for its safety cutters for decades, the uniqueness of the safety cutter is hidden within its versatile design of the handle. The versatile design fits right to the available wide range of Martor stainless steel blades. But now with a new launch of the ceramic blade have just added an extra layer of +++safety+++ in cutters.

Martor Custom Design Handles for Ceramic Blades
Versatile Safety Cutter's Handles

How to replace the blade?

Martor’s ceramic blades are designed to be sharp and stay sharp. Martor is also known for not just focusing on the blade, but the overall user experience for every product it creates including ceramic blades, safety cutters, utility knives, scissors, etc. 

Ceramic blades are unique and easy to use with safety cutter handle designs. This feature does not just make it an industry favorite but also adds an extra layer of safety to the entire product range.

To ensure it delivers complete quality in all its application it is paramount to choose a brand you can trust.

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