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X-TREME® X2 : LED Safety Torch X-Treme

The flashlight X-TREME® X2 by PARAT is a high-performance lamp which is highly versatile in trade but also in private. The flashlight works with LED’s and uses little energy. The lamp is very durable without replacement and impresses with high efficiency. The flashlight is rated at 45 lumens. Its headlight has a range of 50 meters. Its weight is only 40 g including batteries. The high-performance lamp works with conventional AAA Micro batteries and can easily be replaced. The flashlight is waterproof and comes with a robust plastic housing which is non-conductive. The flashlight is fitted with a rubberized rear switch, which is very convenient for one-hand operation. The lamphead is fitted with a slip-proof rubber coating. The flashlight has the look of a biro and can easily be kept in a shirt pocket. Its dimensions are only 142 x 22 mm.


• 100 % water- and dust-tight
• Made from non-conductive plastic with clip for attachment
• Rubberized rear switch for one-handed operation
• Rubberized lamp head
• Supplied in blister packaging, batteries included
• Compatible with PARASNAP
• Compact design with high performance
• Custom print on request

Product Details

• Lamp  : 1W CREE LED
• Luminance : approx. 45 Lumen*
• Lighting range : approx. 50 m
• Dimensions : approx. 142 x 22 mm
• Weight : 20 g without, 40 g with batteries
• Running time : approx. 4 hours
• Batteries :  2 x AAA / Micro / 1.5 V each
• Material  : PC (polycarbonate)

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