Parat Paradoc Classic Attache Case | Code - 98.227.151

Parat Paradoc Classic Attache Case

The Paradoc classic attache, is designed in a way that with the help of its padded interior, it can protect even the most sensitive devices like tablets & a small netbook. This case is highly suitable for transportation.


The case has a belt strap, that protects the case content by firmly holding the devices in its place.

The case is secured by two sturdy locks, so that your case does not open on its own while on travel.

It has a strong outer body which is made of X-ABS plastic.

Its handle fits nicely in your hand which makes the case easy to transport, even when the case is fully loaded. (Optionally, the case can be fitted with an adjustable strap which is comfortable to carry around and can be attached to the case with PARAT’s patented Tenax system.)

It comes with a compartment in which you can keep your business cards, along with two pencil loops.

PARADOC Classic attache case is available in two colours, black or high-gloss white.


Other Details:

  • The lid comes with 1 compartment, 1 business card pocket and 2 pencil holders.

  • It also has 1 push-in compartment for tablet PC’s, and it can be safely protected with velcro fastener

  • The bottom is completely laminated and slightly padded

  • It comes with a belt strap to keep your device in place while traveling

  • It also has a retrofittable carrying strap to carry it around easily.


Product Details

Product Code: 98.227.151

Outside Dimensions (W x H x D): 47.50 x 36.50 x 13.50 cm

Weight: 2.70 kg

Material: X-ABS plastic

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