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Heavy Duty Industrial Hand Cleaner

We have a range of closed, sealed cartridge dispensers for 1 litre, 2 litre and 4 litres, for the use of Solopol GFX.


  • They are sealed systems; therefore a ‘fresh’ product is dispensed out every time we use it
  • To prevent over use, an optimal dose of the cleansing liquid comes out after every push
  • It is lockable, hence stops unauthorized access of the liquid
  • It comes with large buttons – hence it is easy to use
  • They are quick and easy to maintain
  • As they are non-drip and non-clog, therefore they leave no mess
  • Easy and convenient to change empty cartridges. They are easily replaced in seconds
  • The dispensers are protected by BioCote® a silver-based antibacterial agent that inhibits the growth of bacteria


NOTE: We even have industrial hand cleansing liquids that clean super heavy duty soiling as well. They have a natural scrubbing agent with excellent cleaning power to gently remove extremely heavy contamination without damaging the skin.

So, whatever your hazard is, we have a solution and a key to the safety of your hands while you are at work, dealing in all kinds of lubricants which could be dangerous to skin protection if not taken proper caution. We help you take care, for your betterment. Your skin deserves it.

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