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Fly Rubber boot protector Black – pair (FB) Suitable for Extension & Single Ladder

Introducing the Fly Rubber Boot Protector in sleek black – a pair (FB), a must-have accessory to safeguard your extension and single ladders while working on various surfaces. This durable boot protector is designed to offer protection and stability, ensuring the longevity of your valuable equipment. Here’s what you need to know about this essential ladder accessory:

1. Surface Protection:

  • The Fly Rubber Boot Protector is expertly crafted to provide a protective barrier between your ladder’s feet and the surface it rests on. It prevents scratches, scuffs, and damage to delicate floors and surfaces, such as hardwood, tile, or laminate.

2. Versatile Compatibility:

  • This pair of boot protectors is versatile and designed to fit both extension ladders and single ladders, making it a practical accessory for various ladder types.

3. Durable Rubber Construction:

  • Constructed from high-quality rubber material, these boot protectors are built to withstand the rigors of outdoor and indoor use. They are resilient, long-lasting, and can endure the demands of frequent ladder deployment.

4. Anti-Slip Design:

  • The rubber material provides an anti-slip surface, adding an extra layer of safety and stability when your ladder is in use. Say goodbye to wobbly or unstable ladder placements.

5. Indoor and Outdoor Use:

  • Whether you’re working indoors, where flooring protection is essential, or outdoors on uneven terrain, these boot protectors ensure that your ladder remains stable and your work environment safe.

Compatible with

PowerMaster Extension (FED)

PowerMaster Single (FND)

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