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Extension Ladder with Fall Control System

Even with improved safety in the workplace for workers working at height, industries are constantly seeking innovations that can help reduce the risk of accidents to their workforce.
Working at height is necessary at many worksites & so is working with the best safety practices.

How we approach working at height can make a big difference between life & death to change this.

Our Partner Branach – World Leader in Height Safety Equipment Transforming safety at the height developed the “Branach Fall Control System” safe from the moment the worker leaves the ground.

The fall control system is designed by researching directly by interacting with the workforce from various industries like the electrical, power plant, telecommunication, transport, aviation, oil & gas, mining and defence industries, fire rescue operations, exhibitions & events, considering their issues faced in everyday activities.


  • The worker is safe from the moment they leave the ground.
  • The stability system works from the ground up.
  • The fall control system stems from the increased base of support.
  • The ladder is secured with an integrated tether system.
  • Integrated rescue by the second user from the ground.
  • It allows workers to work from the ladder with both hands comfortably and safely.
  • To meet and exceed compliance and international standards.
  • A design fit for purpose, a critical piece of climbing equipment.
  • Periodic inspection schedule recommended.
ModelClosed HeightExtended HeightWeightLoad Rating 
FED-FC 4.02.99m3.97m21.1kg/23.6kg160kg/120kgTechnical Data Sheet
FED-FC 5.23.60m5.19m24.1kg/26.6kg160kg/120kgTechnical Data Sheet
FED-FC 6.44.21m6.41m27.3kg/29.8kg160kg/120kgTechnical Data Sheet
FED-FC 7.64.82m7.63m33.8kg/36.5kg160kg/120kgTechnical Data Sheet
FED-FC 8.85.43m8.85m36.9kg/39.9kg150kg/120kgTechnical Data Sheet

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