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Beat The Heat With Innovative Cooling Technology

There’s a huge selection of exciting products for workers, athletes, and people exposed to heat directly

Kudos cooling jacket product to keep you cool all the time during work

Cooling Vest & Jackets

  • HyperKewl™ Plus evaporative cooling material is a unique fabric that absorbs and slowly releases water through the evaporation process
  • We can state this process as a “super-charging”
  • The natural way of the body getting into the cooling process
  • It directly helps the user in reducing heat stress
  • It works during an activity is being performed in real-time

Evaporative Cooling Technology

Cooling Jackets Technologies
  • Submerge PCM inserts and keep it inside freezer up to 45 minutes until it becomes solid
  • Re-insert PCM into the jacket’s pocket
  • Wear & repeat steps as needed. You can always keep 1 additional PCM inserts ready with you for alternate & regular usage
  • PCM inserts are activated in the freezer
  • They can be re-charge in any environment where the temperature is below 58°F that is 14°C
  • Simply place them in the freezer up to 45 minutes to ensure that they are solid before removing it back from the freezer

How To Use Phase Change Cooling Jackets?

Kudos cooling jackets how to activate PCM
  • You got tough things to do at high-temperature humidity places
  • It’s not easy to stand in front of the boilers those are continuously releasing heat and challenging your output at the workplace for 12 hours
  • We noticed your pain & worked on an innovative cooling technology
  • That is straightly designed to keep you cool even in heat stress zones
  • So that you can focus on your work, being cool from inside

Why Evaporative Cooling Technology?

Kudos cooling jacket technology

Kudos Cooling Jacket Temperature Test

Kudos Cooling Jacket Temperature Test