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After 25 years, Branach is still the leader when it comes to unparalleled safety and durability. Our commitment to innovation ensures you’ll be confident in your choice; that’s our promise to you.


  • Larger deck allowing greater movement
  • Lightweight and durable yet load rated to 150kgs
  • Stongbox joining system gives unparalleled performance in strength and stability
  • Front safety rail situated at 900mm above the deck
  • Fibreglass construction so workers are isolated from the ground making the product suitable for electrical work
  • Unique construction allows for quick action set up, portability, and easy store
Fibreglass Safety Step Platform Ladders


MODELPlatform HeightOpen HeightClosed HeightFront to Rear SpreadWeightLoad Rating 
FPL 0.60.60m1.50m1.68m0.98m12.2kg150kgTechnical Data Sheet
FPL 0.90.90m1.80m1.98m1.10m14.0kg150kgTechnical Data Sheet
FPL 1.21.20m2.10m2.28m1.23m15.8kg150kgTechnical Data Sheet
FPL 1.51.50m2.40m2.58m1.35m17.6kg150kgTechnical Data Sheet
FPL 1.81.80m2.70m2.88m1.48m19.4kg150kgTechnical Data Sheet
FPL 2.12.10m3.00m3.18m1.60m21.2kg150kgTechnical Data Sheet
FPL 2.42.40m3.30m3.48m1.73m23.0kg150kgTechnical Data Sheet
FPL 3.03.00m3.90m4.08m1.98m26.6kg150kgTechnical Data Sheet
FPL 3.63.60m4.50m4.68m2.23m30.2kg150kgTechnical Data Sheet

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