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Hose Handle


A hose is a flexible hollow tube designed to carry fluids from one location to another.
A hose is comparatively smaller in comparison to the pipe and is used for places with constricted areas.
Hoses are normally made of rubber.


Handle-Tech Suction/Pumping Hose Safety Handles are a groundbreaking hand tool designed to improve safety and efficiency for manual handling of many types of industrial hose.

The simple to use Handle-Tech Hose Safety Handle enables you to safely clamp onto the industrial hose. You can effortlessly grip, lift, torque and release hose with a one-handed fluid motion.


Use Handle-Tech Hose Safety Handles on:

  • Drilling mud suction hose, water trucks, frac ponds.
  • Vacuum truck sewer hose or biowaste pump out.
  • Water treatment and transfer utilities.
  • Tanker hose for diesel and jet fuel.
  • Refineries, industrial, agricultural, food processing, environmental remediation.
Part No.HOSE O.D. Size
300SUC3" - 3.75"
400SUC4" - 4.75"
500SUC5" - 5.75"
600SUC6" - 6.75"
700SUC7" - 4.75"
800SUC8" - 8.75"
900SUC9" - 9.75"
1000SUC10" - 10.75"
1100SUC11" - 11.75"
1200SUC12" - 12.75"

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