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Emergency Escape Chute

A simple, swift and safe evacuation system

With more people working and living in urban high-rises today than ever before, the safety of tall buildings is at a critical high. While most constructions come with their own safety and precautionary measures and fittings, scenarios can often change. Regular escape routes like external staircases and mechanical elevators can prove insufficient when the situation is drastic and the lives of people are at stake. Presenting Escape Chute – a modern and independent escape solution that is designed for swift exit of people in emergencies.

What is the Escape Chute?
The Escape Chute is an escape solution installed in many buildings worldwide for its efficiency in bringing occupants safely to the ground in emergencies. It is so safe that even pregnant women, infants, toddlers and handicapped people can use it safely, to evacuate from a height of over 100 metres.

Be it a new construction, an existing site or a historical building, the flexible Escape Chute proves to be an ideal for fire and earthquake, even a “secret” alternative for terrorist or any other threats that seek evacuation. In case of such situations, it takes just a minute to operate it and can evacuate over 15 people per minute. Simultaneous use by multiple people is ensured without blockade or collision.

There are two types of Escape Chutes –
External : Installed inside a building in front of a window, balcony or terrace
Internal : Installed within a designated shaft of the building


The Escape Chute systems are custom made to suit any site, elevation and occupant population. This makes it ideal for your building or construction, no matter whether it is residential or commercial in nature. What’s more, no alteration or construction is required for its installation – so your building design is not impacted.

The Escape Chutes are crafted in such a manner that it is safe for everyone independent of age, size or weight. It is also safe for children, pregnant, handicapped or even unconscious persons. Be it the External or Internal, people with limited physical abilities can also use it for safe evacuation. It offers a guarantee of 15 years with annual maintenance, along with an option to extend the guarantee for life.

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