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DG Tachov Chemical Resistant Gloves

All the chemicals are hazardous and have the potential to harm human health. So, while working with them, precautions become a mandate and here we are taking into consideration hand safety against these toxins.

Introducing a range of PVC coated gloves, that protect against mechanical, chemical and biological hazards. DG Tachov offers quality work gloves dipped in PVC paste in various sizes, colours, and lengths, suitable for all industrial, manufacturing and home environments.

These gloves are anatomically shaped forms of gloves with 100% quality control. They are specially featured as Phthalate free wherein the toxic phthalates are never to be found in the gloves. The gloves have an excellent gripping property and are flexible for warm and cold environments with excellent sensitivity.

Certification: All of DG Dipped Gloves are certified with EN420:2003 + A1: 2009, EN388: 2016, EN374-1: 2016 / Type A

They are Categorised into Two Parts:

  • STANDARD: Special protective gloves made from PVC coating on a cotton liner, designed to minimize the risk & provide protection of hands from mechanical, chemical and biological risks.
  • UNIVERSAL GLOVES: They are EN approved quality work gloves, with a PVC coating which protects against various chemicals and is suitable for all industries and manufacturing environments.

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