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The CorrosionMaster Step Platform was specially designed for portable access and working at height for the world’s harshest, explosive & corrosive environments and industries. Specified by Rio Tinto, Gorgon and Wheatstone project and Chevron, Barrow Island.


  • Fibreglass construction, product suitable for electrical work and corrosive environments.
  • Large 316 stainless steel deck allowing greater movement
  • Durable yet load rated to 150kgs
  • No water absorption
  • Strongbox joining system gives unparalleled performance in strength and stability
  • Front safety rail situated at 900mm above the deck
  • Unique construction allows for single action set up, portability, and easy store
  • Australian made and owned
spin corrosionmaster 00030


MODELPlatform HeightOpen HeightClosed Height Front to Rear SpreadWeightLoad Rating 
FPS 0.60.60m1.50m1.68m0.98m19.5kg150kgTechnical Data Sheet
FPS 0.90.90m1.80m1.98m1.10m22.5kg150kgTechnical Data Sheet
FPS 1.21.20m2.10m2.28m1.23m25.5kg150kgTechnical Data Sheet
FPS 1.51.50m2.40m2.58m1.35m28.5kg150kgTechnical Data Sheet
FPS 1.81.80m2.70m2.88m1.48m31.5kg150kgTechnical Data Sheet
FPS 2.12.10m3.00m3.18m1.60m36.0kg150kgTechnical Data Sheet
FPS 2.42.40m3.30m3.48m1.73m39.0kg150kgTechnical Data Sheet
FPS 3.03.00m3.90m4.08m1.98m45.0kg150kgTechnical Data Sheet
FPS 3.63.60m4.50m4.68m2.23m51.0kg150kgTechnical Data Sheet

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