SAFETY – the word very geneously defines itself as a foreground rather than an afterthought to an accident. Giving recognition to the whole thought process, that is behind the gravity of this six letter word, is what we do at SAURYA, and that too in the most prestigious manner. Moreover, we lend you a hand to hold wherein you can trust us blindfolded with the safety and security of your people.
  • Safety Knives
  • Protective gloves
  • Safety Torches
  • Blow Off
  • Cover All
  • Escape Chute
  • Flash Protection
  • Portable LED
  • Portable Ventilators
  • Safety Grip
  • Safety Ladders
  • Troley
  • Martor
    Safety Cutters


    Intelligent, injury free, safe industrial cutting. Concealed blade safety, fully automatic blade retraction safety and automatic blade retraction safety technology. Robust ergonomic design, versatile & comfortable, lowers fatigue & improves productivity.
  • Towa - Protective Gloves
    Towa - Protective gloves


    Ultimate MircoFinish technology promises unparalleled Grip performance for the dry, wet and oily material surfaces.
    Ergonomically designed seamless, high cut resistant (Cut Level 3, 4 & 5) Nitrile / Latex / PVC coating palm, HDPE composite-lines gloves, excellent flexibility, tactility and dexterity.
  • Parat - Safety Torches


    ATEX and PESO approved LED safety torches, 100% waterproof, dustproof, flame proof and airtight safety torches. Compatible with nearly all helmet mounts. Suitable for Zone 0 and Zone 1 environment.
  • Jet Kleen - Safe Personnel Blow-Off & Drying System
    Jet Kleen - Safe Personnel Blow-Off & Drying System

    Safe Personnel Blow-Off & Drying System

    THE JET-KLEEN™ SERIES High-Performance Personnel Blow-Off Systems Safe and effective residue removal without the dangers and costs of compressed air! This systems delivers high volume of air at safe 3.0 psi with heavy duty plastic body, heat resistant hose, and ergonomic safety guard. It is highly effective for removal of residues – such as chemical powder, Saw dust, fiber, water and more – from people, surfaces, or work environments.
  • Ultitech - Disposable Coverall
    Ultitech - Disposable Coverall


    ULTITECH coverall provides numerous chemical protection against pressurized liquid chemicals and liquid aerosols in a lightweight and durable fabric. Protective clothing are EU PPE Cat. III Type, 3,4,5,6 complied. Coverall made from a high performance multilayer composite barrier membranes bonded to antistatic nonwoven fabric which provides good tensile strength, puncture resistance and resistance to abrasion. CE Certified.
  • Alex Thoms Escape Chutes
    Alex Thoms Escape Chutes


    Easy to deploy, vertical spiral descent with single exit, No electricity required, self- regulated descending speed of max. 2 metres per second, guaranteed smooth landing. German Engineering.
    • Heights of 100 m and more possible
    • Evacuation of more than 15 persons per minute possible
    • Qualified for infants, handicapped, unconscious and pregnant
  • Westex Flash Protection Clothing
    Westex Flash Protection Clothing


    SAURYA FR work wear clothing made from Westex by Milliken fabrics to protect employees against threat of Flash Fire and Electrical Arc protection. Ultrasoft and Ultrasoft AC cotton natural fibre based fabrics are certified to NFPA 2112 (standard on Flame Resistant Garments) and NFPA 70E (Standard for Electrical Safety Requirements for Employee Workplaces). Superior flash Fire protection is guaranteed for the life of the garment and unparalleled comfort in Hot and humid environment with Ultrasoft fabrics.
  • Atexor Portable Lighting
    Atexor Portable Lighting


    Higher illumination & Long life time with advanced LED – Patented Safeeye LED Technology. ATEX certified for Zones 1 and 21, Improved Temperature Class T4, Linkable in Series. Extremely durable construction, Light tube covered with easily replaceable Anti-Static Film, Photo biological safety, Optical Irradiance considered OP IS Transformer 24V ATEX Certified
  • Coppus Portable Ventilators
    Coppus Portable Ventilators


    HIGH-PERFORMANCE ventilators are safe to use in hazardous environment, for degassing of vessels, personnel cooling, product cooling, drying applications. Reduces the shutdown time and increases the productivity of the workforce in confined spaces. Ventilators are rugged, durable, delivers high volume of air and requires low-maintenance.
  • Handle Tech - Safety Grip
    Handle Tech - Safety Grip

    Safety Grip – Hose & Pipe Handles

    Handle-Tech handles are a ground breaking tool for today’s industries. The easy to use mechanism enables you to clamp onto hose 3” to 12.75” or pipe 1.5” to 12.5, easily and allows you to safely grip, torque and release single-handedly through a natural fluid movement. Handle-Tech’s innovative design allows your workers to safely and efficiently manipulate hoses and pipes in any climate or location.
  • Branach Safety Ladders
    Branach Safety Ladders


    Safety platform and Extension Ladders electrically safe, corrosion Resistant and Light Weight, Effortless Extension and Retraction. Stronger than Aluminum, Lighter than Timber, with the safety of Fibreglass. Safer through reduced twist & sway and increases productivity of employees, EN approved.
    • 0.6 to 3.6 meter Heights available in Safety Step Platforms Ladder.
    • 3.0 to 9.8 meter Heights available in Power Master Extension Ladder.
  • Expresso Trolley
    Expresso Trolley


    Hand trucks have been made of a special high-strength aluminum alloy and are 50% lighter and far higher loading and Perceptibly high-grade and uniform quality, Assembled by professionals, unrivalled length of service life, Extra plus in ergonomy and economy, optimized work procedures.


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